Zespri Values

The Zespri Values

Honesty and openness are central to everything we do.

Zespri takes great pains to get to know its customers, to understand what they want and need, and then to see to it that these wishes and needs are amply met.

We are constantly looking for ways of expanding our range (after the Zespri Green came the Zespri Gold and Organic) and optimising our fruit, the production processes, and the packaging, transport and storage of Zespri Kiwifruit.


Everything that Zespri does is tested against three basic principles: integrity, customer focus and ongoing improvement.

A quality label

Our kiwifruit has born the Zespri label since 1996. Anyone choosing a kiwifruit with a Zespri sticker is choosing quality and optimal taste.

the Zespri quality

Since 1996 our kiwifruit has been called Zespri Kiwifruit. The familiar Zespri sticker helps consumers choose the right kiwifruit from an abundant range of other fruits on the market – a kiwifruit of impeccable quality and with a delicious taste: Zespri Kiwifruit.

All our kiwis are grown with the greatest care and according to a single strict Zespri quality system. If you’d like to know how that works, you’ll find a detailed explanation in the section entitled “Zespri quality system” in our Kiwipedia.

Or read the story of Darren, one of our kiwifruit farmers. You’ll soon realise that quality is our passion – and you benefit from that every time you eat a Zespri Kiwifruit. The Zespri trademark stands for vitality, energy, zest for living, and health. Remember that when you’re making your choice in the fruit and vegetable section!

Why Zespri?

Zespri is a made-up word (no, it’s not an abbreviation!) which in studies evoked connotations of



In other words, it tallies completely with what our kiwifruit stands for.